The Fauves : the reign of colour : Matisse, Derain, Van Dongen, Braque, Dufy among others /

Detaylı Bibliyografya
Yazar: Ferrier, Jean Louis.
Materyal Türü: Kitap
Baskı/Yayın Bilgisi: Paris : Terrail, 1995.
  • Introduction: the triumph of color
  • Fauvism, 1905-1908
  • Self-determination: Henri Matisse
  • Between observation and elation: André Derain
  • The celebration of instinct: Maurice de Vlaminck
  • Integrity in art: André Marquet
  • Well-tempered chromatics: Charles Camoin
  • Painter of happiness: Henri Manguin
  • Eroticism in painting: Kees Van Dongen
  • Colored orchestrations: Othon Friesz
  • The renegade: Georges Braque
  • A rhapsody of color: Raoul Dufy
  • Conclusion: Fauvism today.